Sunday, 8 January 2012

January's adventures

Stonehenge Stomp - January 29th

Happy days. Re-reading the Amesbury Walkers instructions i found out that i would get an extra hour in bed, so no getting up at 6.30am. The start for runners was for 9.15. This was my first LDWA event. What it lacks in competivness makes up in organisation. You just turn up, sign in and get on with it in your own time, with checkpoints every 6kms or so. You had a choice of 10,20,30 or 40kms. i went for the latter just hoping my legs would hold up. The day was bleak, cold and foggy but thankfully no wind and the miles flew by and after running past Stonehenge my thighs started to hurt, so it was gonna be a tough last 10miles. I can only think that i haven't fully rested my legs over the last couple of weeks (tapered correctly) and there was more roads than i normally run so not sure if that had an impact issue. With a couple of small walks inbetween running kept me on a reasonable pace and soon finished feeling ok.
A great day amongst beautiful countryside and well supported with plenty of runners and walkers enjoying the day. Looking forward to more LDWA challenge events they are well organised and dare i say it cheap compared to many other running events.
26.2miles in 4hrs09mins.

Run home from the Source of the River Itchen - January 21st

After being dropped of in the middle of no-where, sorry where the source of the River Itchen starts I made my way through beautiful countryside and villages towards Winchester. i presumed navigation would be simple but it did prove a little tricky as i made my way from one side of the river to the other. Once through Winchester I was on familiar ground and even the sun popped out to warm me up from the cold battering wind. After over 20miles i had to leave the river and make my way home. But a stunning run which again opens up what superb countryside we have on our doorsteps.
23.5 miles over 3hrs40mins.

Jurassic Coast Run - January 14th

A brutally hilly run taking us along the purbeck coastline from Lulworth to Osmington and then we veered off to the White horse and ran back along the extremely muddy ridgeline. 17.5miles covered over challenging terrain. looking forward to linking this up with a full run from weymouth to poole.

Wild camping at Hurst Castle (& run back from Lynhurst) - January 7th

We arrived at Hurst Castle as it turned dark and still unsure on whether we would be told to bugger off. Not wanting to be told to go and find another camping site after walking 8 miles through the marshes of  Keyhaven. We kept the noise to a minimum and hoped that the fishermen we were sharing the spit with would also not become unwelcoming.
In a fine eerie setting nestled between the waves of the English channel and the formidable 500 year old fortress we settled down and enjoyed a splendid dinner. A few jokes and stories later we were soundly asleep by 9pm. Not the party boys from yesteryear.
Waking up refreshed the smell of bacon was soon wafting around camp. Not wanting to outstay our welcome we packed up and left a superb wild camping site back the 8 miles to Lymington.
Not wanting to finish my adventure yet I got dropped of just outside Lyndhurst and ran (with my pack) the 16.5miles home. Tough going with the pack weighing me down and me feeling somewhat tired from the walking we had just done and also not having run for a couple of weeks.
A great micro adventure and cannot wait for the next one.

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