Thursday, 2 August 2012

Micro adventure (#3)

Climbing in Swanage
The friday evening Stu and myself sped down to swanage to get in a little deserved climbing. From being a little downbeat beforehand, a couple of climbs in, one involving traversing into a cave and climbing up the back of it and traversing the ceiling to exit via a blowhole, my spirits were back up again. You have to question why you put off things you love doing. Don't. We finished climbing as the sun set and headed off contented and for a couple of well earned beers.

Stu on 1st Corner
The usual morning chaos of piling stuff up and then deciding what to take on our micro adventure arrived. This was a  meet up with fellow adventurers then a hike to a discrete spot to wild camp the night under the stars then run home the next day. So my dilemma, as usual, was what could I not take so that weight was minimal. The 3 litres of wine was a must, so was the 5 litres of water, camping stuff, extra cloths (although summer its fairly cold at night at the mo) and food. Hmm, but how much food did I really need for my run (I ditched a load and again I still had a bit when I got home the next day, so more can be dumped next time).

Arriving at Overton, I met the rest of the gang. Rob, Greg, Steve, Duncan and Mike, whose 40th it was and was suitable attired with a large fluffy hat with dildos (or candles) hanging of it. We made our way into the countryside not before first getting lost just out of the car park! We hiked a loop for a couple of hours passing some buffalo meaning we were nearing Laverstock farm. Stopping for refreshments tasting the delicious local hops and buying some local produce we reluctantly staggered away to find a home for the night.
mmmMMM Buffalo Steaks
An hour later and having hiked 11ish miles we arrived at our destination. A friend of Rob's, Graham, was allowing us to camp up in a corner of one of his fields. We settled down and gathered wood for the fire pit. Once the embers were charred enough we threw some potatoes in and opened up the wine and relaxed. Life feels good in these situations, so how can it get better? By staking the buffalo steaks into the fire and dinner is served. Amazing all round. The night was nicely rounded off with Graham and his family joining us with some fine bottles of wine (one a '73 for Mikes Birthday), which neatly sent him packing to his sleeping pit. A shame I didn't pass out as quick as all too soon we heard the rumbles and snorts not from an escaped buffalo but by Rob and Steve (named and shamed).
Morning headaches
We awoke gingerly in the morning and slowly tidied up as Steve fired up the burners to cook us a fry up. This beautiful setting highlighted with a couple of young deer wondering in very close to camp. We soon said farewell to Graham and to his stunning home and grounds and not long after I was wishing all the others well as I started my run as they hiked back to the station.

The run started slow. 'Hangover' aside, my rucksack took an age to get right, then I had to retrieve my mp3, not long after I wanted some food. Still there was no rush and this was all about enjoying getting home and the whole body needed a slow wind up. Just getting into my stride and realised that there seemed to be no easy way over/under the motorway so ended up running along some roads and the heavens opened up which truly drenched me to the bone. Lucky that the day was going to be interspersed with blue skies and heavy downpours, so things soon dried up once I was soaked.
No rain?
Back on track and on the Wayfarers Trail which takes on some breathtaking scenery, although the overgrown hedgerows, hills, wind and rain did there best to put me down just as the heavy spells of thunder rumbled on. Heading down into winchester I joined the Itchen Way or 3 castles Path? or St Swithuns Way? or was it the Kings Way?. This area is blessed with amazing footpaths to explore. Through Winchester I took my usual run home, highlighted by a fox popping out in front of me before scurrying away. Then passing St Cathrine's Hill which I choose not to do my regular sprint up. The river atmosphere was in stark contrast to a few days early which I ran in strong heat and hundreds of people sun bathing and swimming along the banks where today there was no-one to be seen. Moving away from the river I finished the last 2 miles with a little pace in trying to get under 5 hours for the trip. No one can stop being a little competitive in any situation.
A great weekend. Another entertaining and successful micro adventure. These really are good and recommend any one to try it.
Stats: 11mile hike on the saturday followed by a 29mile run on sunday.
The route 29miles in 4hrs59

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